Light Commercial - SPI
SPI Techonology
Toshiba’s unique energy-efficient air conditioning innovations and technologies deliver high energy savings.
SPI fixed speed
High Efficient Performance
SPI gives you high cooling performance with low power consumption.
SPI is equipped with an inverter, and achieves a high part-load EER value.
cooling load 4-way cassetle
* RAV-TExxx1AP(P)  series only

protect center part

Easy Handling
Light-weight, compact, small footprint and easy to carry and installation
easy handling
  • Easy to install outdoor unit on the wall by rack or an angle.
  • Easy to install outdoor unit on the balcony.
  • Easy to carry which has weighs only 32kg for 2&3HP, 57kg for 4&5HP; 1-phase and 48kg for 4&5HP; 3-phase.
  • Easy to transportation regard to compact chassis

High Reliability

Automatic restart even after a blackout
After the blackout ends, API restarts automatically with the settings used before the blackout. The settings do not need to be reconfigures using the remote controller.
setting stored flow