We Grow Together

Toshiba Carrier Thailand is a growing company. Since its establishment in 1999, Toshiba Carrier Thailand has been a reliable partner for the customers in all around the world with its wide range of products and superb quality.

In 2013, the company reached another milestone as it opened its 2nd factory in the same campus to enhance product line up and design capability to meet growing demand of the customers. Toshiba Carrier Thailand strongly believes that a company can grow when there are a plenty of talents growing in the Toshiba Carrier Thailand offers employees various opportunities for career development. 

Besides challenging assignments, the company provides its employees with learning opportunities, multinational corporate culture and inclusive work environment. Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) wants talents to grow together with company and also look for talent for design engineering, production engineering, quality, manufacturing, spply chain, safety and environment, finance,information technology, human resources and general administration
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