What's SMMS-e

SMMS-e are the perfect answer to all requirements and are increasingly used as an alternative to traditional water based heating and cooling systems. Variable refrigerant flow benefits from the advantages of direct expansion linked to inverter control and the most sophisticated electronic control. This technology has many advantages, from the system design to the installation and operation phase. The wide range of in door units makes VRF the most flexible choice to satisfy any building requirement.



SMMS-e can connect to various types of indoor unit

SMMSe indoor  


Saving Energy

SMMS-e is the latest innovation in key technology for air conditioning. Its energy saving efficiency top class levels in cooling mode and heating mode in addition to improvements in other functions. SMMS-e, saves on energy achieving an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) as high as 6.39 and COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 6.44.

Saving Energy                        * MMY - MAPxxx6HTP8 series only

SMMSe Description  


Highlight of Technologies

SMMSe highlight

DC compressor heat exchanger
propeller fan intelligent VRF
Highlight of features

Piping design flexibility

The industry's top class piping technology makes installation of piping in the SHRM-e much more flexible. Units can be much further apart, giving more options for a more attractive system.

Piping design

Reliability rotational control

The reliabilities rotation control system helps in the control of every system compressor so one is not working harder than another. The system will control the compressors by referring to data on environmental conditions and send results to the outdoor unit to reduce stress and, thus, extend operational life.

Reliability control  


SMMS wave tool

The SMMS wave tool makes it easier to install and repair the air conditioning system. With the SMMS wave tool application on your smart phone, you can access important data from the outdoor unit via the Internet to analyze and fix a problem faster and more easily than the old method as don't need a wired connection unit or other tools.

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