SHRM solution

What’s SHRM-e

SHRM-e, Super Heat Recovery Multi-e, Toshiba’s all-new super-efficient solution for mixed heating and cooling requirements. Building upon the proven technologies of the SMMS-e,the SHRM-e delivers even greater comfort, energy and utmost reliability.

shrme function 

Saving Energy

Through non-stop development, improvements have been made to the twin rotary compressor as the introduction of new technology, SHRM-e, saves on energy achieving an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) as highas 3.93 and COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 4.34.


* MMY - MAPxxx6FTP8 series only


SHRMe detail

Highlight of Technologies
3-pipes technology
Advanced 3-pipe technology enables heat recovery between indoor units, for unprecedented economy and performance.

Flow selector unit

The flow selector unit can automatically shift the flow of refrigerant carried to the indoor unit, thereby switching between heating and cooling modes. Recovered energy from one unit can be used to supply another unit on the same System.

3-pipes technology

Highlight of Features
Individual ON/OFF and temperature control

SHRMe highlight 

As everyone’s demands are different, Toshiba understood that controlling a group of inside units could be difficult possibly if the demands of users in each space were different. SHRM-e offers an innovative multi-flow selector that lets you control the temperature in each space with a remote control so specific demands can be satisfied to ensure utmost comfort.

Automatic temperature control

auto temperature 

The auto temperature control system gives you another level of e nergy conservation as well as air circulation which the user can set. SHRM-e is an innovation that really helps you reduce energy consumption.

New remote control for SHRM-e

new remote control 

The new model remote control can operate the SHRM-e very efficiently with its added functions, including soft cooling operation, new fan speed indicator, dual set point thermostat and individual ON/OFF and temperature control, operated with just the touch of a finger.