Light Commercial - SDI/DI
SPI inverter
Saving Energy
Very efficient energy consumption, Keeps down operating costs. EER of 4.52* and COP of 4.79* achieved by Toshiba’s unrivalled Super Digital Inverter technologies and newly developed components. *4HP outdoor unit
SDI saving energy
EER : Energy Efficiency Ratio in Cooling operation
COP : Coefficient of Performance in Heating operation
                              * RAV-SPxxx4AT(P)-E series only
ECO-driving DC Twin Rotary
ECO driving DC Twin

Operating Temperature Range

Heater operation is possible starting from an outdoor temperature of -20C creates a comfortable space even during cold winters, while  cooling operation is possible at -15C outdoor temperature. This enables wider applications and use of the system in colder regions.
Heating range
Frost Protection

8C operation for frost protection is possible for the combination with Super Digital Inverter.(4-Way and Slim Duct series 4)

Self-Clean operation-Continuing High Performance for Energy Saving

This enables indoor unit type and Ceiling type to maintain energy efficiency at the time of purchase for a long time. The mechanism of the wash-off

  1. The aqua resin coating prevents dirt from sticking to the fins.
  2. The condensation water flows and washes away dirt.
  3. After washing, a drying operation suppresses the propagation of mold.
Quiet Operation

Low-noise design. If? the outdoor te?mperature is 30C or less, operates at under 45dB(A). It’s possible to automatically operate the quiet operation mode below 35C air temperature.
quiet operation
Icing prevention
The outdoor unit of Super Digital Inverter is equipped with “Sub cool path” preventing freeze under a heat exchanger. (Only 3HP to 6HP)
Sub cool path
Installation Flexibility
Piping panel taken out in 4 directions
Height difference
Super Digital Inverter leads the industry with support for height differences of up to 30 meters on a single system. That is enough height to cover an 8-story building.
SDI difference

Compatible with pipes up to 75 meters long Enable the outdoor unit to be installed out of sight increases installation flexibility. (only SDI 4HP to 6HP)
farthest SDI