Light Commercial - Fixed-speed
Light Commercial Fixed Speed

The Toshiba Light Commercial Fixed Speed series air conditioners combine economy and ecology in 
a compact body. They feature state-of-the-art technology, flexible control, and easy installation to bring natural comfort and convenience to any business environment.
High efficiency
high efficiency
EER > 3.1 for all type,
Greater EER 3.71* for 4-way cassette
R410a Environmentally friendly
R410a non CFC Non CFC refrigerant helps reduce
our environmental impact.
Aqua Resin coated Indoor unit coil
Aqua Resin coil
Air conditioners can get very dirty inside, collecting bacteria and allergens. Aqua Resin coated coil reduces the formation of water or oil on the coil unit as well as minimizes dust accumulation on the coil.
So you can be sure of:
fixed speed technology