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The new Toshiba Inverter Air Conditioner is another level of technology that has been developed for your lifestyle today, tomorrow and in the future. The new model design creates fresh air to better the quality of life with less energy consumption, and easier control with just one touch and experience.

Aqua Resin Coated Coil + Self-Cleaning System
  1. Air conditioners can get very dirty inside, collecting bacteria and allergens. Aqua Resin coated coil reduces the formation of water or oil on the coil unit as well as minimizes dust accumulating on the coil.
  2. Self-cleaning system: the air conditioner will run on slow-speed for 20 minutes to dry the coil, which will effectively prevent any odor from mold or germs.
Aqua Resin self-cleaning

Easy Maintenance
All the components are designed for easy maintenance both in removal and re-assembly. Step by step maintenance procedures have never been easier.
easy maintenance