Residential - Daiseikai
The elegant all-white design, with its high quality glossy finish, perfectly complements Scandinavia’s
world-famous chic interiors. The compact dimensions, with rounded corners making the unit appear slimmer, and discreet colored LEDs which dim or turn off, secure its role as a stylish yet high-tech addition to the room.

Top-class energy efficiency
The new DAISEIKAI achieves the highest level in both heating and cooling for peerless energy efficiency
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Premium indoor air quality
The new DAISEIKAI uses Toshiba Plasma Air Purifier filter technology to create a clean, healthy environment. This function can be activated at a touch of a button, using multiple filtration stages to get rid of smoke and odors, and trap dust and pollen. The non-stick coil is specially coated to ensure it repels dirt and dust, staying clean and keeping the air fresh.

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Comfort, unlimited
The DAISEIKAI stores the position of the louvers after an auto restart, minimizing disruption and maximizing your comfort. A truly intuitive system, nothing could be simpler to use. It restarts automatically after a power failure, and runs its own diagnostics. LEDs on the unit allow you to see which operations are active at a glance.
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